Go ahead given for five bonded whiskey maturation units in Dunleer, Co Louth.

Jan 9, 2024 | Whiskey News

Some very exciting news coming from Donard Mccabe yesterday evening, a journalist for the Dundalk Democrat. A substantial endorsement for the health of the whiskey industry on the doorstep to Irish Whiskey Auctions here in the North East.


Louth County Council has given the go ahead for five bonded whiskey maturation units at a site in Dunleer. BAK Bulk Services Ltd applied to Louth County Council for planning permission last September, for five Bonded Whiskey Maturation units of 4,073m2 each at a site at Red Barns, Drumcar Road, Dunleer.

The applicant sought planning for access roads, over ground fire water tanks, landscaped soil berms and all associated site works all accessed through an established Whiskey Maturation Facility. BAK Bulk Services Ltd also indicated in its application that the proposed development would be classified as an Upper Tier Establishment under the Chemicals Act (Control of Major Accidents Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations, 2015. 

Further information on the development was requested by Louth County Council on 3 November. Following its submission on 5 December, Louth County Council granted conditional planning permission on 5 January.’


Donard McCabe

08 Jan 2024 6:00 PM

– With Bak Bulk Services Ltd owner by Barry and Jennifer King , this very local facility to Great Northern Distillery willl surely be utilised by them as their phenomenal  rises in production levels continue.